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Company Profile

Business Overview

Matching Maximize Solution Public Company Limited (formerly known as Matching Studio Public Company Limited) was founded in 1992, with the initial registered capital of Baht 1 million by Mr. Somchai Cheewasutthanon and Mr. Thanisaphong Sasinmanop.  In 2004, BBTV production Company Limited became a shareholder. At present, the Company operates four businesses, namely TV program production, TV commercials production, equipment rental services, and post production. In addition, the Company has expanded to a new business, i.e., studio service business, which has now been under construction. The project is expected to be completed around the beginning of the second quarter of 2017. 

The Company’s Vision and Mission:

Vision     :-     To become a leader in  the entertainment business at an international level

Mission  :-     To maintain the standard and enhance the potential as a professional provider of equipment rental services; to develop an international standard studio (NC25) in order to serve demand of both local and international clients.

Business Overview
The Company’s core businesses consist of TV program production business and subsequent businesses under the group, i.e., equipment rental and services business, post production business and the new business, i.e., studio rental and services business.  The new studio rental business is a way of business expansion from the existing core business and this new business will support overall entertainment businesses. The details are as follows:
  • TV program production business
    The Company produces TV programs broadcast in the airtime slots bought from the TV channel and sells commercial timeslots to advertising agencies or directly to product owners. In addition, the Company also provides TV program production service for the TV channel.  In 2017, the Company produced one TV program namely “Plod Nee”.
  • Equipment rental and services
    The Company provides rental equipment for filming, shooting, producing TV dramas and producing TV commercials, as well as providing skillful personnel who know how to use such equipment. The rental equipment is delivered to filming sites.  Examples for such service in 2017 included the services provided for foreign crew from Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea and America etc
  • Studio rental and services business
    In 2016, the Company developed land and constructed The Studio Park (Thailand) project to support film production crew, commercial production crew both domestically and internationally, TV program producers, and event organizers. The construction was completed and the project commenced operation in mid-2017.
  • Post production business 
    The Company provides post production services for various kinds of films, all kinds of media as well as relevant businesses.
  • Thai Film Production
    The Company formed a joint venture to produce Thai films released on cinemas and sold in various channels. In 2017, there were two films, i.e., Mr…. Hurt Mue Wang An Dab Jeb” and “Premika Pa Rab”.

Business Objectives
The Company is currently launching studio  project called “The Studio Park (Thailand)” consisting of a big international studio to support all kinds of international filming or shooting activities, a state-of-the-art warehouse and a big new office building. The new home project is aimed at strengthening the Company’s integrated business and enabling the Company to become a center for various kinds of content production in order to support demand during the digital TV era and also be well prepared for the ASEAN Economic Communities (AEC).