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Message From Chairman

Dear All shareholders of Matching Maximize Solution Public Company Limited

In 2017, the overall market value of the advertising industry amounted to 101,445 million baht, down by 6,478 million baht or 6% on a year-on-year basis, comparing to 107,923 million baht seen in 2016. In particular, the ad spending through analog TV channels, which captured the biggest market share in 2017, stood at 40,966 million baht, down by 6,185 million baht or 13.12%. The decline was attributable to the economic conditions in some industries, slower purchasing power, the business expansion of some products that missed targets and the changes amid the digital media industry. All these factors prompted product owners either to trim their ad spending budget or opt for other advertising channels.

For fiscal year 2017, the Company posted total revenue of 448.41 million baht, down by 8.26 million baht or 1.81% on a year-on-year basis. The revenue declined because the revenue from TV program production business dropped significantly in line with the slowdown in the industry. In addition, the revenue from equipment rental and services fell in line with the reduction in producers’ budgets. Meanwhile, the post production business was so well responded that the revenue from this segment improved.  Given the economic slowdown in the past few years, the Company decided to invest “The  Studio Park” project to provide international standard studio rental services. Once the construction was completed in mid 2017, the Company launched “The Studio Park” project, which was well responded by clients who provided positive feedback and expressed their satisfaction and interest to come back to use the services. The Company expected “The Studio Park” project to generate good revenue and returns in 2018, with the strategy to focus both on local and international clients, which is line with the government’s intensive measures to promote international filming in Thailand.  

The Company is committed to organizational enhancement and development in order to offer the best services to clients. The Company has employed strategies to both enhance its competitiveness and develop internal organization, such as applying new Corporate Governance Code (CG Code) and Collective Action Coalition of the Thai private sector on anti-corruption. These factors should add more values to the Company as well as enhancing its competitiveness.

On behalf of the Company’s directors, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all shareholders, investors, clients, state organizations, financial institutions, supplies and supporters for their endless trust and support. My sincere gratitude also goes to all employees for their devotion to enhance the Company’s potential and pave a firm foundation for the Company’s sustainable business growth going forward.         

Yours sincerely


(Mr.Somrit Srithongdee)
               Chairman of the Board of director