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Message from the Board
Dear Shareholders of Matching Maximize Solution Plc.

In 2015 the economic growth retreated to 2.3 percent and the advertising industry expanded only slightly by 3.34 percent to Baht 122,318 million. The competition in 2015 was very intense both in terms of sales and prices of products and services from all industries. The Company and its subsidiaries were also impacted as the sales from core businesses declined to Baht 599.87 million, representing a drop of 12.29 percent on a year-on-year basis. The Company reported a net loss of Baht 50.24 million, reflecting an earnings deterioration of 270.50 percent caused by lower sales on the back of intense competition in the digital TV industry and slowdown in the printing media industry.   

Despite the current economic slowdown, the Company foresees growth potential alongside favorable stimulus measures announced by the government who has a policy to promote Thailand as an attractive location for international film production crew. A number of fringe benefits will be offered to film producers, based on agreed terms and conditions. Having seen brought outlook, the Company decided to expand its business from its existing core businesses in the entertainment and media sector for which the Company had extensive expertise and experience. In late 2015, the Company began to develop the studio rental project located in a plot of land in Bang Bo District, Samutprakan Province, acquired in late 2014.  Consisting of an international-standard rental studio, a warehouse and an  office building, the studio rental project will serve demand from both local and international producers of feature films and TV commercials as well as producers of TV programs and dramas where competition is very intense, especially in the digital TV business. Furthermore, the project will also serve clients who look for event organizing facilities: marketing events, e.g., project launches, or concerts can be organized in the project where integrated services and facilities are provided. On top of that, rental equipment and post-production services are also made available in the project. All-in-all, the Company’s studio rental project will offer one-stop serviced to all groups of clients. Not only will the Company offer international standard equipment and setting for production crew, the Company will also be committed to enhancement of personnel’s expertise and knowledge to ensure professional services in the business.  Therefore, the investment in the new project is believed to open up significant business opportunities for the Company and the Company is committed to driving business growth and steady revenue growth in sustainable ways.

To achieve business goals, the Company not only requires good operating performance of the Company and its subsidiaries but also support and trust from all concerned. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all stakeholders, clients, shareholders, employees, investors, financial institutions, suppliers and all sponsors for their continued support. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Yours faithfully



(Mr.Somrit Srithongdee)
               Chairman of the Board of director