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Message From Chairman

Dear Shareholders of Matching Maximize Solution Public Company Limited

In 2018, the Thai GDP growth expanded by 4.1 percent, slightly increasing from 4.0 percent reported for 2017. The business sector changed while the competition became more intense, both among local and international firms, which had both financial and technological influence. Hence, players in the corporate sector had to adjusted themselves accordingly as well as enhance their competitiveness, with some having reduced operating costs to survive in the existing environment.

Regarding the media sector, the domestic advertising spending amounted to 122,175 million baht in 2015 and it had subsequently moved downwards until 2017 when the figure stood at 101,485 million baht. While the figure in 2018 increased slightly to 105,455 million baht, it remained lower than the figure reported for 2015 (According to the data from Nielsen Media Research). Meanwhile, the changing technology with significant influence to people’s daily life has changed consumers’ behavior in a way that consumers tend to access more content and information through online platform and social media. As this trend has also impacted the advertising media and TV program productions, the media needs to be made more attractive to attract or maintain the advertising spending and maintain the existing circumstances. 

As an operator engaged in media production who provides state-of-the-art equipment for all kinds of media, the Company has continued to develop our personnel potential and owned production facilities meeting international standards. The Company provide standard studio facilities, both small and sizes. In addition, the Company has secured land to support the production of all media types, ensuring our sufficient capacity to serve production of international film maker crew, event organizing, or marketing events for product launches.

In 2018, the Company reported total revenue of 488 million baht, up by 39.6 million baht or 8.8 percent when compared to the figure reported for 2017. The increase was due to good responses to our rental equipment and studio services from both domestic and international clients following a number of road shows for “The Studio Park” project aimed at promoting this studio rental project, both domestically and internationally.        

For 2019 economic outlook, the Thai economy is projected to expand by approximately 3.5-4.5 percent, which should be driven by the general election as well as economic stimulus measures continued from the previous year, e.g., state investment in major infrastructures, which should help boost domestic economic expansion.  Meanwhile, consumer spending is expected to be boosted and product owners are also anticipated to increase their advertising budget. Under any circumstances, the Company is committed to proactive business development as well as personnel skill enhancement in order to strengthen our organization and enhance our service efficiency to meet the satisfactory of clients, trade partners, and service receivers both domestically and internationally. Ultimately, this commitment will lead to sustainable revenue and operating performance. 

On behalf of the Company’s directors, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all shareholders, investors, financial institutions, suppliers, and supporters for their endless trust and support. My sincere gratitude also goes to all employees for their effort, capability and devotion.  Once again, on behalf of the board of directors of Matching Maximize Solution Plc, I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you.

Yours sincerely
(Mr.Sansrit Yenbamrung)
               Chairman of the Board of director